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Hello, I'm Ingrid

I'd like to create an empowering space with you.

As a Mental Health Therapist, I can offer you perspective that supports positive change and stability.


Since obtaining my Masters degree from Carlow University, I have helped individuals and couples find the words to tell their stories, build their confidence, and feel supported in their identities. Before becoming a therapist and coach, I received my BA in English Studies and have published pieces on Feminism and Body Politics. My love of story telling shines through in sessions, as I encourage clients to create narratives that highlights one's strengths and acknowledges societal glass ceilings that are overdue for shattering. My counseling and consulting services have helped people find and nurture their authentic selves. 

I am LGBTQI+ affirming, anti-racist, body neutral, anti-capitalist, and informed by Health at Every Size. I believe that self diagnosis is valid and that everyone should have access to safe and affirming care.  

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose"

Dolly Parton


Whether we're working together in therapy, you're seeking education through coaching, or you're interested in consulting on your work: I use Narrative, DBT, Feminist, and Person-Centered techniques.  We will discuss how to mindfully engage with the societal structures that oppress us. We'll address boundaries that help protect our energy. It's common for sessions to include laughter and honest feedback. Often, we will use symbolism and creativity to explore emotions. You are the expert in your life and my goal is to help you find the words to tell your story.

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